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Automatic door opener 280KG is low energy automatic with a swing door opener that is activated by push buttons. This system operates in both automatic and manual modes, it makes the electronic door opener and closer highly adapts to voltage fluctuations between 110 or 220VAC ±10%, More energy-saving and durable than an ordinary single input voltage.


The simple yet secure system for areas such as offices, hospitals, elderly homes, banks, commercial locations, and much more.


It supports 2ways working mode:


1. standalone access controller, connect it to power, power on, then we could open it by remote control and close it automatically


2. Connect it with RFID door access control systems, Enter by Face, RFID, Pincode or Finger, and exit by EB-16 or EB-17 Non-touch button or M-204T Microwave Sensor.


Main Features:


  • An advanced and reliable microprocessor controller is applied.
  • Brushless motor with self-locking, a long life span, and energy conservation.
  • Opening & Closing Speed adjustable.
  • Automatic/Lock/One Way/Half-open/Hold-open status can be set by remote key.
  • Opening and closing smooth with low noise.
  • Safety interlock and electric lock function.
  • Support multiple access control systems and Fire Alarm System
  • Auto-Reverse






  • Power supply: 220V
  • Opening time:3~7s / 90°
  • Opening and holding time: 1-30s
  • Temperature: -20℃~55℃
  • Protection level: IP12D
  • Dimensions: 516x105x82mm
  • Packing box: 626x197x152mm
  • Weight: 8.5kg


وحدة SKU: ISH-ED100


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